Quatermass and the Pit (1967) Beyond Classic Sci-fi Flick – Movie Review

So cool, it gets two pictures! Does that second one look familiar at all? Kind of like the skull in the opening sequence of… I don’t know… Venture Brothers!? I don’t know the connection but this film is made by Hammer Films and the Venture Brothers have some connection, perhaps only stylistically? Anyway, this movie is classic! OK, quick research break! They are connected at least stylistically, in that they both involve “Science Heroes”! And one of the co-creators and stars of Venture Bros. is named Doc Hammer, so… there’s that! Plus… the music is thematically based on this period in terms of orchestration?

While digging some portion of the London Underground, archaeological remains are found and scientists are brought in. Quickly they discover not only ancient human remains but some strange pod of unknown material! It goes on from here and demonic Martians show up, but it is a tight tense science-driven masterpiece of the genre.

9 out of 10 on the sci-fi scale. 6 out of ten for normal people, still interesting but more as a time capsule both of movie making and the genre for this audience. Make it part of your Saturday Sci-Fi Double Feature!