Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2016) No Milla Jovavich? – Movie Review

So, I believe that this is Seth Graeme-Smith’s first big novel, which is weird, because Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, adapted from his second book came out as a movie first. Whatever, anyway. This movie is fun historical fiction. The style is, kind of like whatshisname’s who did Resident Evil and the 3 Musketeers remake, but definitely better done. Hot chicks killing things reminds me of his movies, hence the no Milla comment, but honestly this is a real movie. The mechanism of this movie is inlaid in the title. It is literally Pride and Prejudice with zombies added. The dialogue is delightful and the girls are properly plucky! The one male lead is kind of funny looking, but properly wooden. The whole thing fits together quite cleverly, weaving the original dialogue into a more action-packed version than the original novel! (Which I haven’t read. ) Not a bad Saturday night movie, and a successful movie in that both guys and girls can be persuaded to see it. I give it 6.5 of 10 for watchability and entertainment value. It has to lose a few points, just for the necessary but cheesy bits. The action is mostly OK. A few too digital moments, I’m talking to you exploding bridge, but overall a fun movie!