London has Fallen (2016) Another Apocalyptic Die Hard Clone- Movie Review

I didn’t realize the first movie Olympus had Fallen or White House Down or whatever, had any demand for a sequel, but the soulless suits in Medialand have evidently decided there was. So, color me surprised, but moving on. Bad guys have incomprehensibly managed to catch all the good guys with their pants down, and they totally take out London, and only Gerard Butler? can save the people who are left, from the first terrorist attack. Oh yeah, be afraid of random terrorists. (SPOILERS, because fuck this movie!) So, some brown skinned guy hates America, London etc, because his whole family was killed in a drone attack, because he is a bad guy, but any sympathy you have is nullified by his actions, Gerard Butler kills people like a sociopath, or the worst cop ever. So at the end, you are all Yay? Everyone bad dies, and the reason for everything, is just glossed over, and Morgan Freeman sits in a room and prank calls people with missiles. Frankly, an odd movie. The kind of movie that should really have a lot of  explosion or  destruction porn, because story? Character development? NO.

Damn, this movie could have been in any language and you would get what is going on. So, I guess it’s a good American product for export? I don’t know, the shots of London getting fucked up are for people who hate England? Weird movie.

3 of 10. There were like 2 cool explosions or something. Watch only if you are bored ,or whatever. I might have fallen asleep or my brain might have turned off during it.