Kill Command (2016) Movie Review – Yes, This Movie has Robots

the kind of animatrix-y face that only a robot mother could love. from Kill Command

Kill Command is a B-movie… but is it a good B-movie? Yeah! It’s OK. It doesn’t try super hard, and that is a good thing. Robot design is decent, although like most CGI, they don’t seem to weigh enough, or on the same note, they move too fast. Oh, right. Um, some military dudes and this chick from the company that makes all of their guns and equipment, get sent on a training mission and things go awry from there. The scenery is nice, cinematography is solid, yeah, I would give this a Saturday Double Feature showing. Some nods to better sci-fi, but mostly kind of a military flick, with robots standing in for random bad guys.

3 of 5 on the B-movie scale. 4 of 10 on the normal people scale.  scores low due to lack of interest in robots by general populace.