The Wonderful Art of Bill Sienkiewicz – A Master of Illustration and Fine Art

Superman burning America?
Here’s one you might recognize! Brock Samson from the Venture Bros. cartoon. Bill did the art for the first DVD I believe!
Frankenstein’s monster obviously. Done in a classic style, yet the broader brush strokes are unmistakably Bill!
This is from Elektra, the comic book, a previously underrated character mostly known as Daredevil’s sometime girlfriend. This is some of the art that made me a fan of Bill’s.
Another from roughly the same period showcasing his versatility.
Another killer Elektra picture. Probably an alternate cover. How did he even do those raindrops? Impressive. Nice one Bill.
Everyone’s favorite plucky Gaul, it’s Asterix! Done in an inimitable Bill style, while retaining the identifying elements like a boss! Look at the sense of movement and the wild but controlled brush or pen strokes!
This looks like it’s from the New Mutants comic, a spin-off of X-Men. It shows off Bill’s bad-ass lettering style. I loved his comics for their super punk, almost going out of the box, wild style.
I remember reading this one when I was a kid, I couldn’t tell you what is was about, Joker is a psycho etc. but I remember this cover!   –  the official site and with artwork for sale!

See the above links for even more art and more about Bill! Thank you for the awesome, inspiring art Bill!

I’m an asshole! Bill is not just an amazing artist, he also wrote some of the coolest comics. Thanks Wikipedia for  externalizing my memory. I knew that!

The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Recurrent Neural Networks

There’s something magical about Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs). I still remember when I trained my first recurrent network for Image Captioning. Within a few dozen minutes of training my first baby model (with rather arbitrarily-chosen hyperparameters) started to generate very nice looking descriptions of images that were on the edge of making sense. Sometimes the ratio of how simple your model is to the quality of the results you get out of it blows past your expectations, and this was one of those times. What made this result so shocking at the time was that the common wisdom was that RNNs were supposed to be difficult to train (with more experience I’ve in fact reached the opposite conclusion). Fast forward about a year: I’m training RNNs all the time and I’ve witnessed their power and robustness many times, and yet their magical outputs still find ways of amusing me. This post is about sharing some of that magic with you.

Musings of a Computer Scientist.

Source: The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Recurrent Neural Networks

A lot of information, but a side-product is a new work by Shakespeare!

Why, Salisbury must find his flesh and thought
That which I am not aps, not a man and in fire,
To show the reining of the raven and the wars
To grace my hand reproach within, and not a fair are hand,
That Caesar and my goodly father's world;
When I was heaven of presence and our fleets,
We spare with hours, but cut thy council I am great,
Murdered and by thy master's ready there
My power to give thee but so much as hell:
Some service in the noble bondman here,
Would show him to her wine.

O, if you were a feeble sight, the courtesy of your law,
Your sight and several breath, will wear the gods
With his heads, and my hands are wonder'd at the deeds,
So drop upon your lordship's head, and your opinion
Shall be against your honour.

Hehe. Check it out!

narrative – 9M9H9E9-craziest story I read on the internet today!

I think Boingboing might have led me down this rabbit hole to give credit, but I am hooked! This was supposedly all written down in the comments on random posts, and it’s pretty… involved? Intense?

It’s kind of like internet gold. Meta, but weaving veins of previous conspiracy theories and sci-fi, I really want to read the rest of the book!

I am going to do more research on it, but good job so far!

a unite a stage a coup a revolution a bring a genocide a new world a

In the MKULTRA experiments, the CIA dosed unwitting subjects with LSD to see how they would react.

What has not yet come to light is that MKULTRA was an intra-agency project.

The CIA created new departments within the CIA, and fed them steady doses of LSD, and other psychoactives to see how the departments would diverge, and mutate away from normal departments.

Whole projects and hierarchies were created. With everybody involved, being more or less, unwittingly under the influence of LSD.

This is how the “restraint bed portals” and “flesh interfaces” were first created – i.e. from a heavily psycho-mutated hierarchy.

The entire thing had to be eliminated, but the technology it created has been revolutionary.

read the rest of what’s been published so far by clicking on the link below!


Source: narrative – 9M9H9E9